Minggu, 28 Juli 2013

pramugari yg bisa di boking di hotel medan

The Internet can help you to both attract new customers and keep existing guests, even if you own a small hotel and your clientele is mostly from the local area. of course, you cannot compete effectively with the major chains in every area, but a good website and some good Internet marketing strategies can help to keep you ahead.

Most guests need the basic and essential information when looking at your hotel website:
* Basic introduction to your property
* Where you are, and directions there
* Any facilities for weddings, conferences and groups, as well as those for regular guests.
* How much are rooms, whether they are available and how to make reservations
* The ability to have emailed enquiries regularly and quickly answered
Keep the following in mind, whether you use a website designer or design your own site:
* An easy to use well designed website is essential
* Photographs showing any amenities or extras, including the exterior as well as the inside
* Information that is easy to find with just one or two clicks
A blog can include info about upcoming events, special dishes in the restaurant, spotlight staff members and talk about special room rates. By updating the content regularly, you can keep visitors interested and wanting to return.
Social Networking
Using the most well known sites can help you to promote your hotel for no cost, something that is a big benefit for most

Twitter and Facebook are the two biggest social networking sites at the moment; with Facebook keep in mind that your page is not the same as your profile and a later article will look at that more closely.
Travel Review
Some of these sites allow you to set up an account at a low cost, or even for free and then list your hotel so that potential guests can read about it. For even greater exposure with these Internet marketing strategies, connect it to your Facebook page.
Travel Communities
If a guest has had a positive experience and they can write about it on Tripadvisor.com or a similar site, it can generate business. Most potential guests are persuaded by good reviews.
The website Pinterest can be linked to your Facebook page and allows you to post images. YouTube allows you to post videos, perhaps showing your new look rooms, some amazing new amenities or simply your hotel looking its best.
Of course, your goal is to get as much GDS as possible, and at the same time satisfy the RFP of your hotel. SmarteHotels can help you to achieve these goals.